Belief – A realisation

Sometimes all it takes is someone else’s belief in you. I have come to an understanding, no matter how flawed it may be that sometimes you don’t need to directly believe in yourself to move forward.

A car may have a faulty engine or the gas has run out preventing it from moving, but the steady pushing from someone can propel it forwards.

Sometimes believing in someone else’s belief is enough to move you.

For me, my engine may be faulty and I may have run out of gas but there are people steadily pushing me forward when I find it hard to move.

I choose to believe in their belief in me until I can fully believe in myself.


3 thoughts on “Belief – A realisation

    • Thank you for your feedback and welcome. I really appreciate it. Someone really important to me said they did not like the title which prevented me from starting for weeks. However, one night at around 2 am, it was my second night shift out of 3 I said “f*** it” and began. As Shia Labeouf – or Nike tells, I just did it. Even, as I write this reply, there is a voice telling me “just say thank you and stop with all the extra stuff, it’s not the Oscars”.
      Thanks again 🙂

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